Egg Carton Animal Weekend Craft Project

February 5, 2012


Are you wondering what to do with your toddler or pre-school aged child this weekend? Are you trying to think of something simple yet engaging that can fill the hours of inside playtime? Or are you just looking for a fun simple craft to create!? My son, he is two and a half, and I […]

Snacking Woes?? Just say, ‘No!!!’

February 3, 2012


It is Friday, my son and I have eaten dinner and are relaxing after a long work/daycare week. The kitchen is clean and so have been my eating habits ALL week. My husband called on his way home from work and tempted me with snacks/treats from the grocery store. Then he further tempted me with […]

What to make for dinner? Tuna Cakes and Sautéed Veggies

February 1, 2012


 This deliciously versatile little cake is perfect as an entrée, appetizer, or finger food at a party!! Please don’t judge my amateur photography skills and my lame attempt at presentation!! I will, as time goes on, learn to plate my plates with more finesse. Does anyone know any good blogs about presenting your food in an simple yet elegant […]

Planning the Weekly Groceries

January 30, 2012


Now I have always had a hard time organizing myself, my life, my week, my day, my meals – pretty much everything. But I have found my niche. I organize and plan the weekly or bi-weekly menu for dinners using various sources for recipes and ideas (including, but not limited to, cooking magazines, clean eating […]

Toddler in the Driver Seat

January 29, 2012


It is amazing the changes that children travel through their first few years of their lives. My son is 2.5 and I watch in wonderment each day we experience together. I have learned something lately that sometimes it is easier and, I believe, beneficial to his development, to allow him to take the driver seat […]

Market Chats

January 29, 2012


I was at the local market and met a wonderful woman who could have become a good friend. This is what I thought as I drove away with my three bags full of locally grown fresh fruit and veggies! I kicked myself (not literally) for not offering her my e-mail address after our brief chat […]

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ViSalus Body by Vi (90 Day Challenge)

January 29, 2012


I was introduced to this challenge by my good friend and I have to write a blog post about it because its amazZZing. I have already been shifting my eating patterns for the past few months (I did the Wild Rose Herbal Detox to kick of my healthy eating and then have been eating clean […]