As stated in my Launching Today post, for now, I choose to remain anonymous in name and face – but you can think of me as a married working mother of one boy striving to not loose herself in this life, striving to love herself in mind and body, and striving to experience and understand the beauty of living.

I love reading, writing, spending time with my son, eating out, drinking wine (my palate has started its transition from white to red!!), educating and learning, yoga or a butt kicking work out at certain times of my life, laughing with lifelong friends, and I will add – meeting new people randomly to my list (although this would have been an almost phobia of mine years ago – I would literally avoid taking elevators with strangers to lower chances of awkward small talk).

I don’t like driving in the rain, being told “No,” or biting into something that looks delicious only for it to turn out to be a massive disappointment.

I am trying to make peace with not knowing. I am trying to understand and embrace the process of aging gracefully. I love gossip but try to listen more than talk.

I am learning more about fashion and beginning to define my wardrobe. Any tips!?

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