ViSalus 90 Day Challenge Update (76 Days Left)

Posted on February 8, 2012


Two weeks completed and I am happy. I have lost a total of 6 pounds and my energy levels are higher than they have been in ages. I have found that my weight loss has slowed significantly, but with just 10 more pounds to lose this is to be expected. Remember to measure yourself because sometimes the loss won’t show on the scale (especially if you are female it can be altered greatly with your cycle). I have lost a total of 1 inch off of my waist and 1 inch off of my hips.

Tips to Boost your Weight Loss 

  1. Morning Exercise: Exercise in the morning to boost your metabolism. Do some exercises with free weights or 15-30 minutes of yoga (depending on time constraints). If you need some ideas for free weight rotation exercises please comment and I will write another post this week.
  2. Change your snacks:

Old Snack

New Snack

Crackers with peanut butter Rice crackers or veggies with hummus
Toast with peanut butter Apple or pear slices with almond butter
Chips Lentil “chips”; Baked Kale Chips; Raw chopped veggies with hummus (same hand to mouth action!)
Granola Bar Celery sticks with almond butter; trail mix (homemade is the best choice – almonds, raisins, sunflower seeds, etc.)
Fruit Snacks Whole fruit (cup of berries) with Greek yogurt; chopped fruit salad (oranges, apples, pineapple, peaches); other whole fruit
Sugary cereal with milk or without milk Oatmeal with berries; whole grain puffed cereal with berries and almond milk; bran flakes with Greek yogurt and a chopped banana
Pepperoni stick Sliced and rolled natural lean lunch meat (put ricotta cheese or cottage cheese or sliced tomatoes or fresh salsa inside like a wrap); natural turkey “pepperoni” from a deli that produces food locally
  1. Stop eating late: Have your last meal/food at 7pm. If you need to sip on some decaffeinated tea or water later in the evening.
  2. Go to sleep: Make sure you are going to bed at a decent hour. Believe it or not, sleeping helps you to lose weight!! Getting enough shut-eye can lead to less overeating in the afternoon hours and helps keep your metabolism from becoming sluggish.
  3. Water, water, everywhere: Make sure you are drinking enough water. I often forget how much water I need to drink each day in order to maintain a healthy balance. Up your water intake by at least one more glass/bottle a day.
  4. Lower your Sodium: I sometimes will have a pickle to snack on or a seaweed snack later at night and I often forget that these are packed with sodium (always try and purchase the lower sodium options). This will affect your morning/weekly weigh in especially if consumed in that latter half of the day.
  5. Eat more fibre: Adding fibre to your daily food intake can do wonders for your digestive system. You can even add some to your shakes in the form of milled/ground flax or wheat bran, if you have a hard time finding where to include more fibre in your meals. Try adding ½ cup of brown rice to your meal time instead of potatoes or even white rice.
  6. Conjure up your inner rabbit: Start your meal with a dish fit for a rabbit. Spinach, lettuce, slivered carrots, diced cucumber, and a light dressing of your choice (or some balsamic vinegar and olive oil). This adds much needed green stuff to your daily food intake and also will help you to feel more full before you eat the meat and carb portion of your meal.
  7. Walk: Sounds simple enough. Try and fit two 30 minute walks into your weekly routine. Maybe walk to the grocery store if you have a short list or walk around the block three times and then get the mail. This will help those who live a more sedentary work life.
  8. Jump: skipping rope or jumping on a mini-trampoline (that you could keep under your coffee table) while you watch your favourite program will get your heart pumping and give your metabolism a boost.

🙂 Happy Shaking 🙂