Valentine’s Day isn’t Today ….

Posted on February 7, 2012


Okay, so I am so organized that I am disorganized. I thought Valentine’s Day was today. How serendipitous!! A new idea sparked out of overly anxious planning behaviour. I have decided to allow myself to be struck my cupid himself this year and be romantic each day, starting today, until Valentine’s Day (or at least provide some sort of romantic gesture toward my husband). It’s not just the men that should have all the pressure to create a “perfect” day that often doesn’t live up to standards. I am including this post because often I find couples put so much energy into other facets of their lives that they forget about the romance and togetherness that is so important in a healthy relationship. It is not just about one day but about the days before and after. There are simple ways to make your partner feel loved and appreciated. Here are a few ideas to get you started: You can practice some of these ideas all throughout the year 🙂


7 Days Until Valentine’s Day:

Tuesday, February 7th: Bake oatmeal chocolate chip muffins (so your home smells delicious and your partner will have a special lunch treat the following day). Go shopping for yourself (get something sexy that also makes you feel comfortable). Present partner with one long stemmed rose and an appropriate vase to hold the rose.

Wednesday, February 8th: Pack a Muffin Treat with your partner’s and sneak in a love note.

Thursday, February 9th: Yes, it’s Thursday, but spice things up a bit. Skip the long sleeve flannel pj’s and wear your sexy purchase to bed tonight. No expectations or strings attached. Your partner will get to see a sexier side, that often goes hidden I am sure – especially on a Wednesday night.

Friday, February 10th: Before bed, write a “good-morning” note (either with mirror or window markers, or on a post-it) and put it somewhere your partner will surely see in the morning. You can write whatever you like – A handwritten note is way more meaningful than a text. In the evening, draw your partner a bubble bath with Candles and a glass of wine or beer or hot chocolate!

Saturday, February 11th: 1 – Communicate. Simple but truly reminds you of your togetherness now and in the future. Grab some lattes or wine talk … really talk. Discuss what you want in the future, set some goals, and talk about things in your life that make you happy now and things for which you are grateful.  2 – Write a poem. Leave the poem along with another long stemmed rose on your partner’s pillow to find before bed.

Sunday, February 12th: Let your partner sleep in and make breakfast in bed (you can go all out with cooking eggs, bacon, pancakes, waffles, orange juice with champagne, etc. or you can make a healthy breakfast like oatmeal with berries and brown sugar, fresh fruit, soft boiled eggs, and a speciality coffee, and  – up to you). Do something special together that you don’t normally do. I have booked a pedicure for my husband and myself (my niece will be watching our son for an hour and a half). You could do something in expensive like bowling or take a pottery class, or something that doesn’t cost any money like go for a walk or hike, window shop at a garden store, etc.

Monday, February 13th: Bake sugar cookies and cut into the shape of hearts (or your partner’s favourite cookie). Again the home smells welcoming and your partner will get to have an edible treat on Valentine’s day. You can also buy heart shaped cookies if you don’t have the time to bake some but the extra effort will not go unnoticed.

Tuesday, February 14th: Today’s the Day!!! Pack edible treat (heart shaped cookies). Pack another love note. Make your partner feel appreciated and loved. If your partner has plans for you then you are set. If you want to make reservations you can do that as well. But, since it’s a Tuesday night I am opting for a dinner at home. Try ordering in or ordering and picking up your favourite take-out food. I will be ordering and picking up sushi and arranging nicely on sushi plates. This will minimize clean-up. Spoil yourself and set the table with your finest dishes/cutlery: I will also have my husband’s Valentine’s card at his spot at the table and I will have a third long stemmed rose on the table (3 in total – one for each member of our little family). Light some candles in the house for a more romantic atmosphere!  Remember, we have a two year old so  he will be included in the candle lit dinner (he loves candles!). After bedtime routine, if you have children, choose an activity that you both love to do together (cuddle up and read by the fire, turn on a movie and snuggle up on the couch, you can go a step further and make a bed with blankets or blow up mattress in the living room to watch your movie, play a board game, etc.). Wear something sexy but comfortable (yes this is a possible combination) while watching the movie.


Love Note Ideas (handwriting is always better than typing ;))

  • A simple, “Thank you for working so hard and taking care of our family,” will go a long way to warming your partner’s heart
  • Write down 5 things that you are attracted to about your partner
  • Write down 5 things you are grateful for
  • Write down the most important reason you love your partner
  • Remind your partner about a romantic encounter with each other from your past or write about a potential future romantic encounter with each other.
  • Write down a clue to where you have hidden something (chocolates, lingerie, a new technology toy, a poem, movie tickets, concert tickets,  etc.) for your partner. Give him/her the day to find the treasure.