Egg Carton Animal Weekend Craft Project

Posted on February 5, 2012


Are you wondering what to do with your toddler or pre-school aged child this weekend? Are you trying to think of something simple yet engaging that can fill the hours of inside playtime? Or are you just looking for a fun simple craft to create!?

My son, he is two and a half, and I worked on this craft today and he loved creating something so fun! There are so many learning potentialities with this craft and many other crafts as well. Go ahead and get your fingers dirty and gluey!!

This craft will take about half an hour total (maybe longer with older more creative children) and, with this craft, you can teach your child many things. Children get to practice using their creativity, colour wheel (blue and yellow make green), hand-eye-coordination, following simple instructions, and how to create a completed piece of art. If you paint your child will also learn patience because you will have to do the craft in stages to allow the paint to dry. Finally, your child will be able to learn pride in him/herself if you put the artwork on display. Not to mention its a new and free and earth friendly toy!


(We created a caterpillar but there are many choices of project animals. Before you start you can talk about caterpillars and show your child pictures of different types of caterpillars. You can extend the learning from this project by following this craft with a chrysalis and butterfly art project where you can explore the caterpillar life cycle.)

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egg carton (preferably paper)

paints, paint dish, an assortment of paint brushes or markers

pipe cleaners (2 different colours – 2 for legs, and 1 for antennae)

Tacky White Glue

1 popsicle stick (for gluing)

whole puncher (if available)


optional: decorations (stickers, pompoms, sparkles (messy), construction paper (you can cut different shapes and do shape recognition with your child as you glue different shapes on your animal)



1. Cut the egg carton down the middle so there are two strips of egg cups (six each), decide on your animal and cut to shape.

~ We made a caterpillar and used the 6 egg cups, 1 for head and 5 body cups

~ Spider 2 cups, Ant 3 cups, lady bug 1 cup, etc.

2. Allow your child to choose the colours for painting or colouring

~ My son chose green, yellow, white

3. Paint your egg cartons and set aside to dry.

4. Using a one whole punch (if you have it or carefully puncture with scissors) punch the wholes for the legs and antennae on the sides of the egg cups.

5. Cut the pipe cleaners into equal sizes (about the length of two egg cups).

6. If you child is younger help to guide the pipe cleaners through the wholes or let them do it on their own if they are older. (You can fasten the legs and antennae on the inside of the cups if your child wants to play with his/her creation later)

7. Decorate