Market Chats

Posted on January 29, 2012


I was at the local market and met a wonderful woman who could have become a good friend. This is what I thought as I drove away with my three bags full of locally grown fresh fruit and veggies! I kicked myself (not literally) for not offering her my e-mail address after our brief chat about healthy living and eating clean. But, then again, do people do that???? Please I am asking the virtual world to answer me this: Do people who meet randomly in the local market exchange e-mail addresses to keep in touch or provide support for a new healthy living lifestyle?

I was looking for Agave Nectar – a liquid all natural sweetener that I wanted to buy to try in shakes and coffee, and oatmeal. I found it and reached past this lady who was concentrating on her hand written grocery list. She mentioned that she had that (the nectar) and when I asked if it was good she admitted that she had just put it in her grocery basket on wheels. She asked me if I knew where something (some obscure ingredient) was in the market and I said no but something felt familiar. I have had similar experiences when searching for ingredients for clean eating recipes. As soon as I said clean eating – the lady’s eyes twinkled and as I told her my experience and success with eating clean”er” we began chatting excitedly over our children’s involvement in eating clean and loosing weight and being healthier overall with more energy. I imparted the little knowledge I had in the short time we chatted! We were interrupted by a call from my dentist (important call) and I was pulled away and went and paid for my goodies.

If we had exchanged e-mail addresses it would have been great to have a “friend” who was on a similar healthy living lifestyle path – we could have even shared recipes.  Oh well – maybe next time.