Launching Today

Posted on January 28, 2012


Hello to all of you out there in the virtual world we are all very much a part of!! This my (more formal than I had intended) invite to you to follow along my with me on my journey or something like that – We all, at some point in our lives, strive to better ourselves (ahem – or others) and sometimes we need to share in that betterment with others. I know myself quite well now after many years of “thinking” I knew myself – I do not claim to be a self-guru but I am on my way to self-understanding – And I know that in order to achieve my goals I need to be held accountable. The best way to do this is to share my “insights” with the world. It doesn’t matter if I have an imaginary audience or actual people that end up following my blog, I know I will achieve greater success with this approach. I also love writing so I will be combining my love for writing and my love for learning new things on this blog, which, ultimately, I hope will lend inspiration for others searching for something somewhere.

I will be posting as often as possible and commenting and sharing on diverse subjects including, but not limited to, healthy eating, breaking bad habits, marriage, motherhood, recipes, books, movies, diets, fashion, and education. I will post about things I learn, things I love, things I strongly dislike, things I question, and things that confuse me.

The title of my blog was chosen with care and was chosen through my specific perspective of life: “healthyishliving” is an abbreviation for my life (and probably for many of your lives). Its stands for the choices I make on a daily basis and the information I process and deconstruct to make these choices: I try to live healthily but we all know that in order to achieve total healthy living one must find the intricate balance between time, body, mind, relationships, work, leisure, and more. This is an extravagance that most of us can’t afford.

For now, I choose to remain anonymous in name and face – but you can think of me as a married working mother of one boy striving to not loose herself in this life, striving to love herself in mind and body, and striving to experience and understand the beauty of living.

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